KES College launches a new research project in collaboration with KES RESEARCH CENTRE

KES College and KES RESEARCH CENTRE are announcing the launch of a new research project aiming to evaluate the innovative tree planting system G.A.T.E. developed by ASTERIS ELEFTHERIOS THINGS GREEN LTD.

KES College’s Gardening and Landscaping Program will participate in the project, while part of the research will be supported by the Agricultural Research Institute.

The G.A.T.E. system is based on the principles of the circular economy. The waste of the coffee industry is intended to be reused to enhance the success of tree planting.

The research project will last for two years and will examine the impact of the tree planting system on the productivity of 50 carob and pine trees and the degree of water savings achieved within an experimental area courtesy of the Municipality of Idalion.