Tree planting by Cyta

March 21 has been established by the United Nations as the Earth Day of the Forestry, to demonstrate the use of users and their implementation.
Cyta, representing users demanding users who want to ask questions about the information required for the content, the services we offer on Monday, March 21, 2016, tree planting in the Municipality of Engomi, at the opening of the company Social Responsibility Eleftherou Kormakiti Street.
During the event, 50 d were planted and there are special distinctions, the route on the screen of the office of the Commissioner for the Environment.
It is worth noting that the tree planting was done with a specialized method of soil preparation, which not only increases the chances of survival of the tree, but saves more than 70% water. Tree planting was honored by the presence of, among others, Environment Commissioner Ioanna Panagiotou , the Mayor of Engomi Mr. Zacharias Kyriakou, Municipal Councilors of the Municipality of Engomi, as well as the Member of the Council of Cyta Mr. Francis Frangou.
The event was also attended by children of the 3rd grade of the 1st Primary School of Makedonitissa, who recited poems and participated in tree planting, passing the message that all together we can contribute to the upgrading and protection of our environment.


Video & Images from the event