Tree planting by Cyta at the Academy Park in Aglantzia 

Stable in its pro-environmental policy and in its commitment to contribute to the greenery of our country, Cyta on Tuesday, December 20, proceeded with a new tree planting, this time at the Academy Park in Aglantzia.

More than 200 children, from primary schools and high schools in the Municipality of Aglantzia, participated in the event, accompanied by teachers and professors. They planted 500 trees in a Christmas atmosphere, wearing Santa Claus hats, donated by Cyta.

The Tree Planting was under the auspices of the Environment Commissioner. A variety of tree species were planted as were proposed by the Department of Forestry. It is worth noting that tree planting was done with a specialized method of soil preparation, which not only increases the chances of survival of the tree, but saves more than 70% water.
Many attended the event to honor Cyta’s participation and contribution, while expressing their interest and support for greening the urban environment. Among them, Environment Commissioner Ioanna Panagiotou, the Mayor of Aglantzia and Costas  Kortas and the new Mayor of Aglantzia, Mr. Charalambos Petridis, the Assistant Director of the Department of Forests, Mr. Charalambos Alexandrou Kaigatourikou, Associate Professor of Environmental Education, the President of the Council of Cyta Mr. Rena Rouvitha Panou and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Organization Mr. Michalis Achilleos. All the guests praised Cyta's role and contribution to upgrading and protecting the environment.

Welcoming the children and guests, the President of Cyta referred to the substantial and practical contribution of Cyta to Sustainable Development and the goal it has set to have minimal negative effects from its activities in the environment that hosts us. He especially emphasized the great responsibility we all have towards our children and the next generations for the world we will deliver to them.
This action of Cyta is part of the objectives set by the Organization in the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility Program and in its effort to reduce the carbon footprint of its activity, respecting the environment. In this case, this action is part of the decision to plant trees every year, corresponding to 10% of the new connections of the Cytavision Service.
That is, one tree for every ten new connections! At the same time, with these initiatives, Cyta contributes to the cultivation of environmental awareness and sends the message that together we can help upgrade and protect our environment.


 Video & Images from the event